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Service Genset Open 500 KVA

Each genset unit used as a primary power source or standby resource should be treated periodically. Regular maintenance not only ensures the engine runs efficiently but also prevents fatal and unexpected damage.

Genset Open or commonly referred to as an open type genset is a generator that is not equipped by the box (home genset / canopy). Because the open genset does not have a box, this generator is generally used for users who have their own power house and designed specifically for the placement of generators in the room / building that soundproof. Excess genset open is the ease of maintenance due to the condition of the open generator so easy in the process of unloading pairs. This generator is designed in ready-to-use conditions and is equipped with an easy to understand control panel, easily installed solar tank and exhaust that is mounted directly on the engine.

We are engaged in the business of Electrical and Maintenance Genset, stabilizer, transformer and procurement of other goods and services.

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