• Service Genset 300 KVA 2 Unit

Services Description Service Genset 300 KVA 2 Unit

Service Genset 300 KVA 2 Unit

Genset used as a back up of electricity in times of power outages PLN often forgotten condition and maintenance. Genset must always do maintenance for at any time when needed, generator can work in prime, one of them with light service. Light service is an important part of generator maintenance. Light service can be done when the generator reaches a multiple of 200 hours of work or at least 6 months (if standby), which is achieved first. The service / maintenance genset that we offer in the form of oil change, oil filter, diesel filter, and air filter for genset capacity of 8 - 2000 kVA by using spare parts / spare parts of the original and quality to improve the performance of the generator set (Genset) with what is needed.

We are engaged in the business of Electrical and Maintenance Genset, stabilizer, transformer and procurement of other goods and services.

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