• Purifikasi Minyak Trafo
  • Purifikasi Minyak Trafo
  • Purifikasi Minyak Trafo

Services Description Purification Of Transformer Oil

Transformer oil purification is a process of refining transformer oil through a device called a Transformer Oil Purification Plant by removing or reducing physical contamination; in the form of particle contamination, water content, gas content, etc. Referring to the three contaminants, refining oil transformers generally through stages

    Filtration (oil filtration)
    De-humidification (removal of moisture), and
    De-gasification (dissolved gas removal)

If it is narrowed again, the transformer oil purification process is a combination of two processes, namely the filtration process and the vacuum process; filtration to filter particles> 0.2 microns, while the vacuum process to remove most of the dissolved water and eliminate the gas content in the transformer oil.

This simple process, usually enough to improve low electrical breakdown voltage (caused by a combination of particles and high water content)

For the record, the purification of transformer oil can be done on-line (when the transformer is operating), or when the transformer is off-line (not operating)

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