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  • service dan pengujian mesin genset
  • service dan pengujian mesin genset
  • service dan pengujian mesin genset
  • service dan pengujian mesin genset
  • service dan pengujian mesin genset

Services Description Service dan pengujian mesin genset

Testing of Generators with Dummy Load PT PJB Services
One of the CV projects. Ahesy Engineering namely Genset Testing with Dummy Load PT PJB Services.
Each generator unit that is used as a main resource or standby resource must be regularly maintained. Regular maintenance not only ensures the machine runs efficiently but also prevents the occurrence of fatal and unexpected damage.
Open Genset or commonly called an open type generator is a generator that is not equipped by a box (house generator / canopy). Because the open generator does not have a box, this generator is generally used for users who have their own power house and are designed specifically for the placement of generators in a soundproofed building. The advantage of open generator is the ease of maintenance because of the condition of the open generator so that it is easy in the process of unloading. This generator is designed in conditions that are ready for use and already equipped with an easy-to-understand controller panel, an easy-to-install solar tank and an exhaust that has been installed directly on the engine part.
We are engaged in the business of Electrical and Maintenance Genset services, stabilizers, transformers and the procurement of other goods and services.

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