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Transformer Oil Purification Machine
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02 May 2018
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Specification of

Transformer Oil Purification Machine

Merk: Crosstech
Type: Portable
Oil Treating Capasity: 0 up to 8000 ltr/hrs
Residual Water Content: Max 5 ppm
Residual Gas Content: Max 0,1% (Vol)
Dielectric Streanght: 60 KV/2,5 mm
Operating Vacuum Range: 500-759 mmHg Temperature
Operation: Max 900

Total Power Consumtion: Max 70 KVA
Supply Power Source: AC 3.380 V, 50 HZ
Oil Delivery Preasure: Max 5 Kg/Cm2
Filtration Effeciency: At leas 99% of all particels over 0,5 micron diameter
Purification System: High vacuum & double stage
Circulating: Inlet pump & outlet pump system has automatic control
Operation: On load/off load
Weight: 1000 Kg
Year Manufacturing: 2014

Tags: Machine Tools

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